The Real Decision Tree

The Real Decision Tree

For years I have been using a printed and laminated list to stimulate creativity,  helping people decide what to make, who to make it for, and how to make it. Finally, I have had the time and head space to find a free stock-photo tree with good sturdy roots to print and label as a true Decision Tree. And I recently lucked into some beautifully colored card stock on which to print it.

First I explored the mathematical and scientific decision trees, like the ones used on ancestry sites. That diagram didn’t work for me aesthetically, so I decided to use a natural tree.

I have a label maker that I adore, and use almost daily for all kinds of organizational tasks, or for making greeting cards. Fortunately, I had various kinds of tapes to use, so that each part of the tree – the roots, trunk and the branches could have a different color and style of font. I also had another unique one for the title.

My other well-loved gadgets came in handy as well – my paper cutter, and my laminating machine. So now I have a fairly indestructible tool to use when explaining to folks what FLOOF Collage pARTy! is all about. I especially love it when kindergarten or 1st grade kids get excited about sight-reading the words while I am explaining how the process will go in our maker space.

When I have a party, it’s often hard to corral all 10 excited kids and get their attention before sending them off with a basket to start their treasure hunt for materials. This tree solves that problem in a fun way. And I love it when I can combine my backgrounds as a teacher, a designer, and an artist in one fell swoop. Joy all around!





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