Why I Save Found Objects

Why I Save Found Objects

 I have a little “secret” gift closet under the stairs. I love to shop, so I buy adorable things when I see them on sale, and then I always have something without having to run around at the last minute. It’s a sublimation of my pack-rat (read: “hoarding”) tendencies that are Itkoff and Reingold family traits.

Bins by Color .jpg

My Dad would pick up smooshed jewelry off the street and keep a little box of them in the kitchen “miscellaneous” drawer. Then, whenever one of our little chatchkes needed fixing, he’d always have the part. He loved to “potchke”. It would drive my Mom crazy, to hear her tell it, but I think she really found it endearing (and very handy).

Bins by color.jpg

Mom filled the dining room table with bags of bargain clothing which never fit anyone, and no one ever wore. She just bought them because she liked the colors or the style, or because they were 90% off. Now I do that with the ulterior motive that my clients are cutting them up with fancy scissors, punching them with fancy punches, and gluing, nailing or tying them to my “blanks” (wood, metal, cardboard, construction paper, foamboard, boxes, coat hangers, single socks)  for FCp!. It’s the most creative way to recycle.

And the funniest thing is that I used to have a small business called The Ordered Castle, where I helped people organize their work or home environments. I closed the business when I started making art, but I still get about one call a year from people who hear about what I used to do, so I keep my hand in it anyhow as backup income for this starving artist.



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