Catching up

Catching up

inspirart-ecofun-paksWow, what a busy time I’ve had since June! Birthday parties @ FCp!, including some at other venues (FLOOF-on-the-GO). I can’t believe I haven’t posted since the summer!

A lot of new things have happened since then. I’ve begun to market a new wholesale and retail product out of FCp!: InspirART EcoFun Take-Home Paks. They are 1, 2 and 3 oz. cellophane packages of miscellaneous art-making materials gathered from the umpty-ump bins of supplies sorted by color within my studio. Included are textiles, metals, wood, beads, buttons, fancy papers, plastics, leather, yarn and string, shells, marbles, and fascinating mysterious found objects.

So far I have been selling them in four shops in the Ithaca area – Cat’s Pajamas in DeWitt Mall, Jillian’s Drawers on the Commons, Marmelade Mercantile on N. Meadow St. and Sundrees in Trumansburg.

This week I am involved in three holiday craft fairs – two Monday Holiday Markets at the Alternatives Federal Credit Union, and this Sunday at the Temple Beth El Hanukkah Book and Craft Fair.

I am about to schedule a group of young artists and their parents to create imaginative projects in my studio before the holidays. Join us to make gifts and decorations, greeting cards and ornaments!


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