Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Wow! I can’t believe what a crazy busy time it was this Fall. Now that the holidays are over, I suddenly realized that I haven’t posted in 4 months! Yikes.

With 7 grandkids ranging in age from 9 mo. to 26 years, scattered all over the country, from MD to WI, and 6 kids from East to West, it’s enough to keep up with my non-artistic life! There were months in the summer when I ate brunch in the car every day, didn’t read the newspaper at all, and didn’t even sit down once until 9 pm, when I collapsed in front of the TV, unable to even think enough to do anything mindful.

On the art front, I ran art-making workshops at several birthday parties, both at my studio and at other people’s homes. I had a solo photography show at a local gift shop (Sunny Days of Ithaca), and did many other FLOOF-on-the-GO activities at local schools and day-care centers, some for as many as 40 kids at once. Whew!

FCp! has adopted a new motto: “Art comes from the Heart”. My way of letting the kids know that they don’t have to please anyone else but themselves, and that the process is often as important as the product in our No-Judgement Zone.

I even ran a full-day Art/Nature camp for a week in the summer at FCp!, and once more during President’s Weekend. I had kids from ages 3-12, doing yoga, trampolining, and playing on my gymnastic equipment and in my treehouse. We did nature exploration among the 150 year old oaks, with the wildlife, creek and plants in my backyard. My many riding toys for all ages, my horseshoe pits, climbing wall and 3 levels of basketball hoops kept the kids busy. We were fortunate to have great weather.

It is rare that someone asks for something that I don’t have in my studio. As far as tools are concerned, if it’s not in FCp!, it’s probably in my garage workshop. My shop is getting so full of art supplies and materials that I am brainstorming how to market my Take-Home-Paks at other local venues that cater to children’s creativity. It’s a constant process of reorganization to make things accessible to the littlest kids when I am bursting at the seams.

I’m looking forward to winter activities. Plans are in the works for FLOOF-on-the-GO to visit a secure facility for teen boys at risk, and to hold a print-making workshop with a guest artist. We’ve had a very mild season so far, so we’ll see what nature has in store.

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    • Alicia, thank you for your lovely comment. I can’t edit your post from here. would you mind trying from your end to change the word “Floor” to FLOOF. Let me know if you can’t do it either, and I’ll approve your comment.

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