FCp! goes to Camp!


By request, FCp! has started a one-week full-time Art/Nature Camp, for ages 3-12. Today was Day One, and what a time we had!

We have been very lucky to get a dry, sunny week, which has given us a lot of flexibility in our choice of activities.

Today’s schedule included: Get Acquainted Time
Vehicle Play (everything from scooters, to skateboards, to Plasma Cars, to bikes, to bins on wheels, to riding on a garden wagon, to scoot-along cars, to tricycles)
Basketball (mini, midi and regular size)
Sand Play
Water Play (sprinkler and water table)
Trampolining (a favorite theme)
Up the treehouse and down the giant slide
Nature Observation (spiders and webs, mostly)
Collage projects
Rock cairns
Bowling with blocks

And of course, snack and lunch. All activities took place in the great outdoors.

Our art projects included: 3 necklaces (one beaded on embroidery thread, and two blingy rapper chains)
Paper and wooden airplane
Spiral glitter mandala
A swing and environment for a hamster
2 collages
More tomorrow!
My apologies for having been such a negligent blogger. My son just got married, so that planning has occupied much of my year.

See for photos.


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