Toddler Art Surprises



The other day I taught a toddler art class to 11 two-year olds in a local children’s store’s community room. We spread a dropcloth over the rug, and the Moms sat with their tots for help when needed.

The project was called Shredded Paper Collage. I provided multiple colors of construction paper to choose from and Elmer’s Glue in tiny little cups with tiny little brushes. The collage materials were laid out in a silverware organizer by color – 1″ squares of painter’s samples, 1″ squares of tissue paper, long packing shreds, and short paper shreds straight from my office shredder. There were also 2″ strips of construction paper available.

Every child was given a paper plate on which to collect their choices of colored shreds, and a home-made Glue Press (a giant wine cork). The purpose of the press was to assist with flattening, smooshing, or attaching shreds, and was especially designed for those who don’t like to get glue on their hands.

The sensory aspect of this project was amusing to watch – some children loved having sticky hands and played with the glue blobs on their fingers. Some wanted the glue wiped off immediately with the wet paper towel I provided for each family. A few of the kids wanted nothing more than to paint the glue all over their paper and couldn’t have cared less about the paper shreds, and some were oblivous to the glue altogether and just wanted to mess around with the papers, pulling them apart like yoyos, tearing them, or making them rain down onto the floor

All in all, a great time was had by teachers, Moms and kids alike. Looking forward to the Finger Puppet Project that is next in line. .


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