It’s More about the Process than the Product


In the past, I have taught classes at BLOOM in Ithaca and at my grandson’s elementary school, (Pot Springs in Timonium, MD) with the following themes:

Sticks and Stones, Shells and Bones
Strings and Stamps in Silver
Glitter and Gauze in Gold
Ribbons and Rainbows and Rings, Oh My!
Designs, Doodles and Decals
Miscellaneous Multicolor Madness
Portraits and Paintings with Paper
Things that Swing
Silly Sock Puppets

I still have the materials gathered up as “FLOOF-on-the-GO!”, so repeating those classes is easy.

I always bring a basic supply of scissors, punches, glue, a hot glue gun (which I operate), basic paper, markers, pens and pencils, rulers, along with a little box of the materials specific to that class.

The themes are only a suggestion – I’m pretty laissez-faire about kids’ ideas. Whatever works for them, works for me. It’s really more about the process than the product.

Two collage artistsCanon July 2012 003The Youngest Artist


About FLOOF Collage pARTy!

I'm a self-taught artist who has been showing mixed media collage, textile art, and photography for ten years. My goal is to help people find the hidden artist within by encouraging creativity individually or in a group. Over the last ten years, I have accumulated more materials than I could possibly use in two lifetimes; most are recycled and reclaimed. By encouraging people to be unafraid to let their inner artist loose, I hope to build community, open hearts to healing, and promote relaxation.

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