The Queen of Disassembly


Some of my best creative moments come when I am just waking up. Last night I cut up a pair of fur-lined leather gloves that I tried to wash, making them unwearable. This morning I thought of a new title for myself: The Queen of Disassembly.

Among all the choices that I offer for art-making in my studio, Assemblage seems to be the most popular. I’d say only about 20% of the time do folks, whether kids or adults, choose to simply do a work on paper. Most, even when they start out with a two-dimensional work on wood, cardboard, fiberboard, canvas, or paper, do they leave it at that. There are so many funky and fun materials beckoning them from the bins on every wall that they simply can’t resist adding something sculptural or decorative to their piece.

I’m fascinated with how things are made – purses, gloves, watches, toy cars, shoes, dolls. So for me, it’s so much fun to take things apart and let people use the parts for art. One never knows what inspiration might come from a dismembered doll or parts from a high-heeled shoe!


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