Things I am discovering about myself through art


The more I work with people at FCp!, the more I learn about my own artistic style. As someone with mild ADD (my Mom used to call me a “jackrabbit” in the 50’s, before anyone understood about Attention Deficit Disorder), I have come to terms with many facts about myself which I know I cannot change.

I know that I am full of ideas, sometimes so full that I have to write them down or I cannot sleep. When I first started working as a textile artist, making crazy little cocktail hats in 2001, I had a bulletin board which quickly filled up with notes to myself, quick sketches made while sitting in waiting rooms, and cutouts from magazines and newspapers illustrating concepts that inspired me. When my body is quiet, such as waking from sleep or taking a long, slow shower, projects fill my head and logistical difficulties seem to solve themselves.

I have also figured out that the process of creating a work of art is often more important to me than the end result. It is the seeing that motivates me – the overlapping colors, the shadows, the variations in hue, the twinkling caused by a moving object, the way lines intersect and create odd angles and juxtapositions, the way two objects align and seem to create another dimension.

That is one reason that I love to take photographs, but it is also why I have so much patience with clients in my art-making shop who think and fiddle, do and redo, only getting to the actual assembling of their piece in the last 10 minutes.

I used to say “it is your job to make a mess and my job to clean it up”, hoping to free people to be problem-solvers, not worrying about a neat working surface the way they would if they were at home with a hovering parent or a new dining room table as a work surface. Lately, though, that philosophy has been tempered by the practical concerns about how long it actually takes to get my gluey oak tables, my glitter-filled chairs, and my debris-laden floor wiped down, vacuumed, and ready for the next client.

So come join me and see how much fun we can have together!


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