January Joy


Every time I walk into FLOOF Collage pARTy! I am amazed at all the potential that I feel contained within its walls. The last young girl who came to work with me came away with a beautiful painted heavy cardboard mock-up of a balalaika, a Russian triangular musical instrument, complete with yarn strings and metal struts. All the materials she used were recycled – the cardboard used to be the back of an artists’ portfolio, the strings were vintage yarn, the paints came from a child’s paint set found at a yard sale, and the struts were metallic plastic cut from a hair clip.

I can’t wait to see what my February clients make for Valentine’s Day or during Teacher’s Week when they are off of school.

I’m accumulating a notebook full of design ideas. Today I discovered two ways to make birdfeeders out of embroidery hoops, tuna cans, wire remnants, parts of old screens, beads and sequins.

Come find out how to make outdoor winter art!


About FLOOF Collage pARTy!

I'm a self-taught artist who has been showing mixed media collage, textile art, and photography for ten years. My goal is to help people find the hidden artist within by encouraging creativity individually or in a group. Over the last ten years, I have accumulated more materials than I could possibly use in two lifetimes; most are recycled and reclaimed. By encouraging people to be unafraid to let their inner artist loose, I hope to build community, open hearts to healing, and promote relaxation.

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