AFCU Holiday Market


I’ve had a lot of fun showing my work at the Alternatives Federal Credit Union’s annual Holiday Artist’s Market. I love that the tellers all say “Happy Holy Days” to customers. I’ve met all sorts of new people who are also vendors there at this once-a-year event. It is so generous of the AFCU to support the arts by allowing us to display and talk about our work without charging us a fee above our membership. And the Mahjong app on my new Droid phone has helped me pass the long days when there are no customers! I’ve been displaying and selling jewelry made with high heel shoe parts, ornaments made from recycled vintage jewelry, cocktail hats with all sorts of found objects on them, photos matted or framed, hand-made photo greeting cards, hand-painted wallets and trivets, assemblage treasure boxes, and hand-carved walking sticks. Also available are 4 oz. bags of assorted colored art-making materials. I call them Take-Home Paks – just a sampling of what you will find if you visit FLOOF Collage pARTy! 607-257-6418 for an appointment 7 days a week.


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