I’m on ReUse Tompkins!


FLOOF Collage pARTy! is now on reusetompkins.com! Reuse Tompkins is an online directory of reuse stores in Tompkins County. Check us out at reusetompkins.com, and discover forty other secondhand stores as well!

I’m proud to be part of this community that emphasizes keeping things out of the waste stream. SocialMediaImage


It’s More about the Process than the Product


In the past, I have taught classes at BLOOM in Ithaca and at my grandson’s elementary school, (Pot Springs in Timonium, MD) with the following themes:

Sticks and Stones, Shells and Bones
Strings and Stamps in Silver
Glitter and Gauze in Gold
Ribbons and Rainbows and Rings, Oh My!
Designs, Doodles and Decals
Miscellaneous Multicolor Madness
Portraits and Paintings with Paper
Things that Swing
Silly Sock Puppets

I still have the materials gathered up as “FLOOF-on-the-GO!”, so repeating those classes is easy.

I always bring a basic supply of scissors, punches, glue, a hot glue gun (which I operate), basic paper, markers, pens and pencils, rulers, along with a little box of the materials specific to that class.

The themes are only a suggestion – I’m pretty laissez-faire about kids’ ideas. Whatever works for them, works for me. It’s really more about the process than the product.

Two collage artistsCanon July 2012 003The Youngest Artist

How to Encourage Creativity



Today I read a quote from a friend with a school-age kid which I want to share with you. 

“Creating is like making magic. Even if it didn’t turn out as you had hoped, you are putting something new out there in this world and that’s amazing.”  Julie Carpenter

 So many people say to me: “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”. To me, that’s so sad. It implies that someone, somewhere in that person’s life, squashed their creativity somehow with a response to that person’s art. Maybe it was a facial expression, or asking “What’s THAT?!” in a way that says the picture was unacceptable. Or saying: “That doesn’t LOOK like an ….”. 

Art is in the mind of the creator. The process is often as important as the product. That’s how we roll at FLOOF Collage pARTy! No judgements. 

Creative Summer Plans for 2014

Creative Summer Plans for 2014

FCp! is ramping up for a great summer of art-making fun with new sculptural materials, buttons, beads and fancy papers available.

We will be doing morning and afternoon sessions of 3 hours each which will include 1 1/2 hrs. of art projects, snacks, and outdoor play time on my trampoline, using my outdoor gym set and in my treehouse. There’s also an awesome creek on the property.

If the weather cooperates, we will do the artwork outdoors on my wheelchair accessible deck. If not, the artwork will be done in my spacious indoor studio and the after-snack activities will include board games.

The cost for a 3-hour session will depend on the number of children enrolled and the number of weeks you decide to meet, so the more friends you can gather (up to 10 kids, ages 2-18) and the more weeks your camp session lasts, the less expensive each session.

Contact me to talk more: 607-279-3512.

It is also possible for me to bring a small selection of supplies to your location for private summer events. I call this FLOOF-on-the-GO and the cost is $15/hour per child.

I would like to start my Guest Artist series soon, so if you know of anyone who would like to do a workshop at FCp!, let me know.

Spring FLOOFing


Canon July 2012 002Canon July 2012 001Canon July 2012 003We’re ready with many new materials for the Spring art-making season at FCp! Our wheelchair accessible ramp opens up the creative opportunities to everyone.

Spring Break is the ideal time to keep your kids busy and capture their creative energies. FCp! is located on 1 acre of beautiful woods for inspiration.

Don’t forget the outdoor play yard that includes trampoline, treehouse, gymnastics equipment and a beautiful creek for artistic ideas.