Spring FLOOFing


Canon July 2012 002Canon July 2012 001Canon July 2012 003We’re ready with many new materials for the Spring art-making season at FCp! Our wheelchair accessible ramp opens up the creative opportunities to everyone.

Spring Break is the ideal time to keep your kids busy and capture their creative energies. FCp! is located on 1 acre of beautiful woods for inspiration.

Don’t forget the outdoor play yard that includes trampoline, treehouse, gymnastics equipment and a beautiful creek for artistic ideas.

Descriptive words


Reconnected with a local bead artist, Sharon Barrie, whom I had met a long time ago and who sold me one of my favorite silver necklaces. Today we spent hours together talking about our businesses, our families and how much we have in common. She and I are both former teachers. I loved the way she described FLOOF Collage pARTy! the moment she walked in to the studio for the first time: “Destination Imagination”! 

As a Mom and as a teacher, she created two special places and spaces for her kids. In the classroom she called her art corner “The Invention Center”. At home, she had a “Bored Box” for her two sons. 

FCp! fits all those descriptors – its a treasure trove of bins containing found objects that inspire. Sculptures of any size or shape can be put together and might even be kinetic. And certainly, when there’s a day off of school and the kids are clamoring for something to do, the whole studio is a “Bored Box”. 

Thank you, Sharon, for re-energizing me on a cold and dreary winter’s day! Image

Keys to Creativity


“A hallmark of truly creative people is that they …aren’t dismayed when nine out of 10 (ideas)….aren’t beautiful. Understanding and accepting that one doesn’t have to be extraordinary….can bring a tremendous sense of relief…and release. This builds creative confidence.” Andrea Urice. 

We do a lot of experimenting at FLOOF Collage pARTy! and find that the process is very often more important than the product. Image


The Youngest ArtistArt Trail Sept. 7Tomorrow (Saturday, 9/7) FLOOF Designs and FLOOF Collage pARTy! will be part of First Saturday Open Studios on the Greater Ithaca Art Trail, from 10-3. You can watch me work on my newest sculpture, “Ms Kat R Pillar”. She is morphing and metamorphosing as we speak, from a plain ‘ol white recycled sink pedestal into something quite
unexpectedly splendiforous and magnificant. You won’t believe her texture and her decorations. It will be a feast for the senses as you watch her take shape.

Take a peek at FLOOF Collage pARTy! and my photography from FLOOF Designs while you’re at it.

FLOOF-on-the-GO @ BLOOM in Ithaca


Today is the second chance for parents to bring their kids to BLOOM in Ithaca for art-making. The Wednesday time all this month is 5 pm. The store will be closed, so pre-registration is required. You can email mckenzie@bloominithaca.com or call 607-272-2012, to get the store all to yourself! I will be your art-guide, chief brush-washer and mess-cleaner-upper.

Summer fun with FLOOF-on-the-GO at BLOOM in Ithaca


Starting Monday, look for 4 weeks of fun, 3 days a week, 3 different times of day, on the Ithaca Commons at BLOOM, Ithaca’s newest adorable children’s store. Add $10 more to the cost of playing in their PlaySpace ($5), and your child can create an art project to take home. Each week has a different theme. This week’s theme is: Miscellaneous MultiColor Madness. I will bring a bin of wild and crazy stuff – textiles, papers, feathers, found objects, yarn, beads and more to make an awesome work of art. For details, see https://www.facebook.com/BloominIthaca/events. Register now!

FLOOF-on-the-GO @ BLOOM in Ithaca

The Queen of Disassembly


Some of my best creative moments come when I am just waking up. Last night I cut up a pair of fur-lined leather gloves that I tried to wash, making them unwearable. This morning I thought of a new title for myself: The Queen of Disassembly.

Among all the choices that I offer for art-making in my studio, Assemblage seems to be the most popular. I’d say only about 20% of the time do folks, whether kids or adults, choose to simply do a work on paper. Most, even when they start out with a two-dimensional work on wood, cardboard, fiberboard, canvas, or paper, do they leave it at that. There are so many funky and fun materials beckoning them from the bins on every wall that they simply can’t resist adding something sculptural or decorative to their piece.

I’m fascinated with how things are made – purses, gloves, watches, toy cars, shoes, dolls. So for me, it’s so much fun to take things apart and let people use the parts for art. One never knows what inspiration might come from a dismembered doll or parts from a high-heeled shoe!